Analysis of urine

Important! In order to evaluate the result of your studies when observing in dynamics was correct and comparable, it is recommended that repeated studies should be conducted in the same laboratory at the same time, because different research methods and units of measurement can be used in different laboratories.

The reliability of the results of laboratory studies depends on many factors, among which the proper preparation for analysis and method and time of sampling is important

Analyzes of a single portion of urine:

• On the eve of the study (for 10-12 hours) it is not recommended to drink: alcohol, spicy, salty foods, foods that change the color of urine (for example, beets, carrots).

• As far as possible, exclude diuretic drugs.

• Women are advised to perform the test before menstruation or 2 days after the end of menstruation.

• Before taking the test, make a thorough toilet of the external genitalia.

• Women before a urine collection inject a gynecologic swab into the vagina.

• For men – a careful toilet of external genital organs with the opening of the glans penis.

• To nursing children – after careful toilet of genitals, it is desirable to collect urine in the urinals. Urine, squeezed from a diaper, is not subject to investigation.

• Collection of urine is carried out in a special disposable container, after which it is tightly twisted and delivered to the laboratory.

Preparation for the study “Catecholamines in urine”:

• Do not use drugs containing rauwolfia, caffeine, nitroglycerin, theophylline, ethanol for 3 days before you pass urine.

• It is advisable not to take other medications, as well as foods containing serotonin (eg, bananas, chocolate, cheeses), not to drink alcohol.

• Avoid stress, smoking, physical activity, pain, which leads to a physiological upsurge of catecholamines.