Microbiology research

Important! In order to evaluate the result of your studies when observing in dynamics was correct and comparable, it is recommended that repeated studies should be conducted in the same laboratory at the same time, because different research methods and units of measurement can be used in different laboratories.

The reliability of the results of laboratory studies depends on many factors, among which the proper preparation for analysis and method and time of sampling is important

• The material is collected before the beginning of treatment with antibacterial immunobiological, antifungal agents.

• In the control of treatment (after completion of the course of treatment): without the use of immunobiological drugs in 5-7 days; with the use of immunobiological preparations in not less than 14 days.

Material from the mouth
• A smear from the pharynx is collected on an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after a meal.
• Do not brush your teeth or rinse your mouth.

Do not use antiseptics

Material from the nose

• Before taking swabs, it is forbidden to wash the nasal passages.

Material from the eye

• On the day of sampling, do not wash your eyes.
• The material is collected by your doctor.

Material from the outer ear

• The material is collected by your doctor.

Urogenital material

• Women
1. Within three days exclude syringing and staging of vaginal suppositories, ointments, tampons.
2. During three days, exclude sex.
3. During 2-3 hours, refrain from urinating.
4. The material can not be taken during menstruation (only three days after its ending).

• Men’s
1. Within a day, exclude the thermal effect on the genital area.
2. During 2-3 hours, refrain from urinating.

Secretory prostate cancer secretion

1. The material is collected by your doctor.

Sperm seeding

1. The material is collected in a sterile container.

Urine boiling

1. For 2-3 hours, refrain from urinating.