Analysis of fecal

Important! In order to evaluate the result of your studies when observing in dynamics was correct and comparable, it is recommended that repeated studies should be conducted in the same laboratory at the same time, because different research methods and units of measurement can be used in different laboratories.

The reliability of the results of laboratory studies depends on many factors, among which the proper preparation for analysis and method and time of sampling is important

• Before taking the test, exclude the use of laxatives, enemas, invasive manipulations. When collecting stool, avoid contact with water (disinfectants!), Urine, exclude the possibility of ingestion of mucus.
• Do not collect stool specimens from the toilet bowl!
• Feces obtained after the enema are not used for research.
• A stool is recommended for stool research.
• Selection of helminth eggs, as well as protozoa with feces, directly depends on the life cycle of parasites. For this reason, the results of the study may be negative even if there is an infection. For the most reliable results, threefold examination of the stool with an interval of 3-7 days is recommended.